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librccui.h File Reference

#include <librcc.h>

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struct  rcc_name_t
struct  rcc_option_name_t
struct  rcc_ui_charset_frame_name_t
struct  rcc_ui_engine_frame_name_t
struct  rcc_ui_language_frame_name_t
struct  rcc_ui_page_name_t


typedef rcc_ui_context_t * rcc_ui_context
typedef rcc_name_t rcc_name
typedef const char * rcc_option_value_name
typedef rcc_option_value_namercc_option_value_names
typedef rcc_option_name_t rcc_option_name
typedef const char * rcc_ui_box_name
typedef rcc_ui_language_frame_name_t rcc_ui_language_frame_name
typedef rcc_ui_charset_frame_name_t rcc_ui_charset_frame_name
typedef rcc_ui_engine_frame_name_t rcc_ui_engine_frame_name
typedef rcc_ui_page_name_t rcc_ui_page_name
typedef void * rcc_ui_widget
typedef void * rcc_ui_box
typedef void * rcc_ui_frame
typedef void * rcc_ui_page


int rccUiSetLanguageNames (rcc_ui_context ctx, rcc_name *names)
int rccUiSetCharsetNames (rcc_ui_context ctx, rcc_name *names)
int rccUiSetEngineNames (rcc_ui_context ctx, rcc_name *names)
int rccUiSetOptionNames (rcc_ui_context ctx, rcc_option_name *names)
int rccUiSetClassNames (rcc_ui_context ctx)
rcc_ui_page_namerccUiGetDefaultPageName ()
const char * rccUiGetLanguageName (rcc_ui_context ctx, rcc_language_id language_id)
const char * rccUiGetClassName (rcc_ui_context ctx, rcc_class_id class_id)
const char * rccUiGetCharsetName (rcc_ui_context ctx, rcc_language_id language_id, rcc_class_id class_id, rcc_charset_id charset_id)
const char * rccUiGetEngineName (rcc_ui_context ctx, rcc_language_id language_id, rcc_engine_id engine_id)
const char * rccUiGetOptionName (rcc_ui_context ctx, rcc_option option)
const char * rccUiGetOptionValueName (rcc_ui_context ctx, rcc_option option, rcc_option_value value)
int rccUiInit ()
void rccUiFree ()
rcc_ui_context rccUiCreateContext (rcc_context rccctx)
void rccUiFreeContext (rcc_ui_context ctx)
int rccUiHideOption (rcc_ui_context ctx, rcc_option option)
int rccUiUnHideOption (rcc_ui_context ctx, rcc_option option)
int rccUiRestoreLanguage (rcc_ui_context ctx)
int rccUiRestore (rcc_ui_context ctx)
int rccUiUpdate (rcc_ui_context ctx)
rcc_ui_widget rccUiGetLanguageMenu (rcc_ui_context ctx)
rcc_ui_widget rccUiGetCharsetMenu (rcc_ui_context ctx, rcc_class_id id)
rcc_ui_widget rccUiGetEngineMenu (rcc_ui_context ctx)
rcc_ui_widget rccUiGetOptionMenu (rcc_ui_context ctx, rcc_option option)
rcc_ui_box rccUiGetLanguageBox (rcc_ui_context ctx, const char *title)
rcc_ui_box rccUiGetCharsetBox (rcc_ui_context ctx, rcc_class_id id, const char *title)
rcc_ui_box rccUiGetEngineBox (rcc_ui_context ctx, const char *title)
rcc_ui_box rccUiGetOptionBox (rcc_ui_context ctx, rcc_option option, const char *title)
rcc_ui_frame rccUiGetLanguageFrame (rcc_ui_context ctx, rcc_ui_language_frame_name *name)
rcc_ui_frame rccUiGetCharsetsFrame (rcc_ui_context ctx, rcc_ui_charset_frame_name *name)
rcc_ui_frame rccUiGetEngineFrame (rcc_ui_context ctx, rcc_ui_engine_frame_name *name)
rcc_ui_page rccUiGetPage (rcc_ui_context ctx, rcc_ui_page_name *name)

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct rcc_name_t rcc_name

typedef struct rcc_option_name_t rcc_option_name

typedef const char* rcc_option_value_name

typedef rcc_option_value_name* rcc_option_value_names

typedef void* rcc_ui_box

typedef const char* rcc_ui_box_name

typedef struct rcc_ui_charset_frame_name_t rcc_ui_charset_frame_name

typedef struct rcc_ui_context_t* rcc_ui_context

typedef struct rcc_ui_engine_frame_name_t rcc_ui_engine_frame_name

typedef void* rcc_ui_frame

typedef struct rcc_ui_language_frame_name_t rcc_ui_language_frame_name

typedef void* rcc_ui_page

typedef struct rcc_ui_page_name_t rcc_ui_page_name

typedef void* rcc_ui_widget

Function Documentation

rcc_ui_context rccUiCreateContext rcc_context  rccctx  ) 

Create UI context and attach it to RCC working context. It isn't permited to attach to single working context several UI's.

rccctx is pointer on the RCC working context.
pointer on newly created UI context or NULL in the case of errors.

void rccUiFree  ) 

Free resources used by UI library.

non-zero value in the case of error.

void rccUiFreeContext rcc_ui_context  ctx  ) 

Destroy UI context and free all memory used.

ctx is UI context to be destroyed.

rcc_ui_box rccUiGetCharsetBox rcc_ui_context  ctx,
rcc_class_id  id,
const char *  title

rcc_ui_widget rccUiGetCharsetMenu rcc_ui_context  ctx,
rcc_class_id  id

const char* rccUiGetCharsetName rcc_ui_context  ctx,
rcc_language_id  language_id,
rcc_class_id  class_id,
rcc_charset_id  charset_id

rcc_ui_frame rccUiGetCharsetsFrame rcc_ui_context  ctx,
rcc_ui_charset_frame_name name

const char* rccUiGetClassName rcc_ui_context  ctx,
rcc_class_id  class_id

rcc_ui_page_name* rccUiGetDefaultPageName  ) 

rcc_ui_box rccUiGetEngineBox rcc_ui_context  ctx,
const char *  title

rcc_ui_frame rccUiGetEngineFrame rcc_ui_context  ctx,
rcc_ui_engine_frame_name name

rcc_ui_widget rccUiGetEngineMenu rcc_ui_context  ctx  ) 

const char* rccUiGetEngineName rcc_ui_context  ctx,
rcc_language_id  language_id,
rcc_engine_id  engine_id

rcc_ui_box rccUiGetLanguageBox rcc_ui_context  ctx,
const char *  title

rcc_ui_frame rccUiGetLanguageFrame rcc_ui_context  ctx,
rcc_ui_language_frame_name name

rcc_ui_widget rccUiGetLanguageMenu rcc_ui_context  ctx  ) 

const char* rccUiGetLanguageName rcc_ui_context  ctx,
rcc_language_id  language_id

rcc_ui_box rccUiGetOptionBox rcc_ui_context  ctx,
rcc_option  option,
const char *  title

rcc_ui_widget rccUiGetOptionMenu rcc_ui_context  ctx,
rcc_option  option

const char* rccUiGetOptionName rcc_ui_context  ctx,
rcc_option  option

const char* rccUiGetOptionValueName rcc_ui_context  ctx,
rcc_option  option,
rcc_option_value  value

rcc_ui_page rccUiGetPage rcc_ui_context  ctx,
rcc_ui_page_name name

Get UI option page which can be integrated in application GUI. It is up on the caller to use and destroy returned page.

ctx is UI context.
name provides titles which should be used on the page or NULL to use defaults.
is created UI page or NULL in the case of errors.

int rccUiHideOption rcc_ui_context  ctx,
rcc_option  option

int rccUiInit  ) 

Init RCC User Interface Library. This function should be called prior to any other UI functions

int rccUiRestore rcc_ui_context  ctx  ) 

Restores complete UI configuration from rcc_context.

ctx is UI context.

int rccUiRestoreLanguage rcc_ui_context  ctx  ) 

Restores current language UI menu values from rcc_context.

ctx is UI context.

int rccUiSetCharsetNames rcc_ui_context  ctx,
rcc_name names

int rccUiSetClassNames rcc_ui_context  ctx  ) 

int rccUiSetEngineNames rcc_ui_context  ctx,
rcc_name names

int rccUiSetLanguageNames rcc_ui_context  ctx,
rcc_name names

int rccUiSetOptionNames rcc_ui_context  ctx,
rcc_option_name names

int rccUiUnHideOption rcc_ui_context  ctx,
rcc_option  option

int rccUiUpdate rcc_ui_context  ctx  ) 

Updates rcc_context with user adjusted options from UI configuration.

ctx is UI context.

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