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rcc_class_t Struct Reference

#include <librcc.h>

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Public Attributes

const char * name
const rcc_class_type class_type
const char * defvalue
const char * fullname
const unsigned long flags

Detailed Description

Encoding class description. Encoding classes are main concept of LibRCC library. The strings are recoded between different classes (for example in RusXMMS2 project ID3 titles are recoded between ID3 and Output classes). The current encoding of each class can be set using configuration file or API call, otherwise it will be detected automatically using current locale or default encoding.

If the defvalue is not NULL, it provides information about detection of the default encoding. The are following possibilities for that value:

Additionaly it is possible to set special flags to prevent user from modifying class value. It is possible to protect class from changing ether using API, or configuration files.

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The class type provides information for recoding functions about automatic detection of the class chrset. The encodings of the RCC_CLASS_STANDARD classes will be detected using autoengine (if available for current language. The RCC_CLASS_FS classes are associated with files and encoding will be guessed using find_file.

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Member Data Documentation

const rcc_class_type rcc_class_t::class_type

specifies type of class (Standard, File System, Known)

rcc_class_default_charset* rcc_class_t::defcharset

default class encodings. Should be specified on per-language basys

const char* rcc_class_t::defvalue

locale variable name or parrent name or multibyte encoding name

const unsigned long rcc_class_t::flags


const char* rcc_class_t::fullname

Full name of the class

const char* rcc_class_t::name

Short class name

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