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rcc_engine_t Struct Reference

#include <librcc.h>

List of all members.

Public Attributes

const char * title
rcc_engine_init_function init_func
rcc_engine_free_function free_func
rcc_engine_function func
rcc_charset_list charsets

Detailed Description

Encoding detection engine description. Init and Free functions can be omited. 'func' should analyze string and return position in the encodings list coresponding to string encoding.

Member Data Documentation

rcc_charset_list rcc_engine_t::charsets

List of supported encodings

rcc_engine_free_function rcc_engine_t::free_func

Destructor function

rcc_engine_function rcc_engine_t::func

Function performing encoding detection

rcc_engine_init_function rcc_engine_t::init_func

Constructor function

const char* rcc_engine_t::title

Short title

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